A driven young sun mage who's spent seven years unsuccessfully trying to develop her magic skills.  Fiercely motivated and passionate, Seyn is difficult to deter once she's set her mind to something.  This is, incidentally, exactly how she got herself mixed up in the plot of this story.


A laidback young man with some serious archery skills and a penchant for sneaking off and exploring where he shouldn't be.  Jeth is cheerful and friendly, which tends to get him out of the trouble he gets himself into.  He has a habit of following Seyn in whatever she's doing.
A warm old gentleman who understandably sticks to the outskirts of society.  With a tendency to help out strangers and the ability to use his skills for healing, Lessar naturally falls into a mentoring role whenever possible.  For someone so gruff in his speech, he's very encouraging.
A terse, mercenary-turned-caravan-guard with the coolest demeanor you'll find south of Overmount.  Genda is dedicated to her beliefs and obstinate when it comes to new ideas.  Still, deep down it seems she may yet have a kind streak--if you can ever dig it up.
The Seith-Ra (head mage) of Red Leaf Village and Seynir's teacher.  Nerethira is quite no-nonsense in her affairs, and she is a strict instructor, but while her motivations may sometimes be unclear, she always has her students' best at heart.
The Aether mage ruler of Ankynhold, and the overseer of the surrounding region, Jynad is the oldest Wizard still ruling, and she also has a reputation for being the most just.  While some find her calm facade unsettling, residents of Ankynhold appreciate her neutrality.
One of Jynad's councilors and an Aether mage herself.  Aneia is sweet and motherly, though her tendency to ramble on about interesting topics of study can be grating.  As councilors go, she is an appropriately compassionate balance to Jynad's more detached way of ruling.
The head of the earth mage monastery in Lighven, the capital of Goweress.  Tishen has nerves of steel--the kind one needs when heading such a group of individuals.  She is dedicated to protecting her clan at all costs, but she is sometimes troubled by rumors in the monastery.
A mysterious young earth mage who keeps her name secret.  She is knowledgeable about earth magic because of her own studies, but it's also clear she's had some dealings she'd rather leave in her past, and these facts may be connected.
The Aether mage ruler of Breslinhold, and the overseer of the surrounding region.  Severin is kind and clearly means well, but his people often talk of him having a weak backbone.  Lately, he has been frequently in conference with ambassadors from the northern kingdoms.
The Aether mage ruler of Everisshold and the overseer of the surrounding region.  Torginal is the youngest and newest wizard of the three, and rumors fly about his bold decisions as a leader.  He is very popular among the people, but in person, he seems awfully cold.
Residents of Everisshold and close traveling companions of Torginal's, their personal motivations seem murky.  There is something strange about the way they behave, though their professionalism makes it difficult to put a finger on why.
This man is a mystery to all but a few.  Where did he come from, and why is he on his current path?