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14th May 2015, 8:04 PM

Gillian Renk

Today's page! Or lack thereof?

It’s an excuse party!  But this one is a pretty decent excuse.  So apparently I left my tablet pen at work, and I had every intention to get today’s page done today (it’s about half done already, honestly)!  I’m absolutely furious at myself, ‘cuz now I can’t work on anything on my home computer.  Rest assured, I'll have it done tomorrow during the day, but unfortunately that's a day late.

To make up for it, I’m gonna get more pages done this weekend and post an extra one!  Mea culpa, guys, trying to manage all my stuff and figure out how to work around my job is really a mess.  I know it’s better to not rush stuff and make something WORTH reading, but I also want to hold up my end of the posting schedule bargain!  Hopefully this is a good compromise--more time to work and make nice pages, plus a bonus page for your troubles.  :)

1st Mar 2014, 12:50 AM

Gillian Renk


So, I have not made a formal blog post yet, but I figured now was a good time BECAUUUUSE...

I made a Patreon page!  If you don't know what Patreon is, it's basically like an ongoing Kickstarter, where people can pledge to pay a certain amount of money per page or per month to support content creators!  A lot of webcomic artists seem to be picking this up lately, so I figured I should as well!

I know there have been quite a few people (at least on my previous site, MangaMagazine, and on my Tumblr) who have expressed interest in seeing this comic in color, and maybe some folks out there wish I updated more frequently to compensate for the slower story?  Well a lot of the reason I can't do those things is because I don't have time--I have a day job, and I just don't have time for those things.  BUT, if you were to support me via Patreon, eventually I might be able to do those things!  Even if all you can do is a dollar a month, I will be eternally grateful, but it's totally cool if you can't, too!  Aether will keep being a free webcomic and all.  This is more to help me out.  <:D  And earn you some sweet rewards, which can be found on the page itself!

Eventually I'll make a donation button/page so that folks can find this info outside of this blog post, but in the meantime, if you are interested, please check it out!