About the Author

Gillian Renk is a professional artist specializing in character design. While she was in school, she started coloring comics for friends who work at Periscope Studios. She did flat color work for a good portion of the printed Memorial comics, and some flat coloring for issues of The Creep and  Batman '66.


Considering her résumé of coloring other comics, she decided it would be best to abondon color and do a black and white comic. Just for the experience.


The only thing she learned in college is that she really doesn't like painting, which she learned about two years before graduating with a degree in studio painting.


After graduating in 2012, she dragged her fiance to Portland to spend six months entrenched in the dream of the 90's (though the best part was spending a relatively mild summer in Oregon while their home state saw its highest temperatures in years).


They now live somewhere in the Midwest United States with a cat named Gilgamesh.


You can view her DeviantArt profile (and commission her) here.

You can look at her Tumblr here.

And you can follow her on Twitter @hyperionwitch.